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Rodinný reggae festival ze zámecké zahrady v Louňovicích pod Blaníkem

Ella CR

⚽️ Ella CR ⚽️

✨ When i was small I „did some time in the UK“ via studying and living with my mum or cousins. Growing up in both UK and the Caribbean 🌴🥥🥭 is a blessing and gives my music and sound a great perspective.

✨ I am heavily influenced by reggae, hiphop and moments around me. A trained sound engineer who loves the stage either being on it or engineering others.

✨ My message is about freedom and the only way i can be free is to be me all the time. I came to this earth to party and through music and sound i get express my thoughts in a creative way.

✨ V Louňovicích pod Blaníkem uslyšíme Ellu v sobotu večer na hlavní scéně, BLESS!

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