Hosté z Polska podpoří Right News i Wakitaku

Polskou kapelu Dubrising jste mohli vidět loni v Louňovicích a mají pravdu, když říkají, že jejich muziku si musí každý užít nejlépe osobně na koncertu. Níže odkazujeme na video z RNMG 2018 a vy si zapište, že tento čtvrtek 6. 6. 2019 podpoří tato live dubová kapela warmup RNMGX v Cross klubu v Praze, tentokrát s podtitulem Nočník 🙂

Řekli o sobě:

Dubrising are a spiritual, traveling band, trying to bring meditation and natural, mystical vibe to all good, spiritual people. They have a very specific energy and sound and can bring something new to the reggae scene, as they are inspired by not only roots but progressive and psy-trance music (Pink Floyd, Shpongle etc.). And most important they are a true live band, so they excel while playing live, you never know what will happen during a show, all the records that you can find from them on YT are recorded live. They played at Burning Mountain Festival in Switzerland, Folklorum festival in Germany, last year’s RNMG in Czech Republic and a lot others. As they are travelers they are trying to play only in beautiful places like mountains, lakes and not only play but discover and chill. They are planning to record an album this year and are starting their summer tour in Prague. Hope to see you all there.