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Right News Music Garden is a reggae festival held annually in summer in Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. It is a project of e-zine Right News that writes a lot about reggae music and related culture. The festival is aimed not only at reggae; and it is named after the real garden in which it takes place. This garden is a part of former earthenware manufacture, founded in 1791 by Earl of Wrtba.
The festival is open-air and will take place even in spite of unfavorable weather as happened last year when it was raining all day. It didn’t matter because the festival was moved into the former manufacture building ballroom.

Right News Music Garden started as regional event in 2010 and its ambition is to become bigger, mainly because the two major Czech reggae festivals – Reggae Meeting and Real Beat – ceased to exist in 2009. Our aim is to support the reggae music and culture, the growing cultural scene in Czech Republic, and also to revive the faded grace of Týnec nad Sázavou. Surrounding region – called Posázaví – is a place of birth of tramping, unique folk-cultural movement emphasizing the return to the roots and essential values as friendship and simple life in nature. Tramps, as they were called, also had a sense for music, and therefore we feel Týnec to be the right place where to hold a music festival.

In 2012, it is going to be the third volume, and we are happy to present some foreign artists too. We had invited Luxembourgish Plemm Plemm Soundsystem playing reggae music. This foreign participation promises to strenghten the sense of one world and one love, and will make our festival more open to the future… although it all started in the past.
Czech e-zine Right News started to co-operate with Luxembourgish artists backt in the 2006 during LX5 Exhibiting Transformation which happened in legendary KuFa (Kulturfabrik) in Esch/Alzette. Then the „Luxembourgish cultural year“ came, and new co-operation arose. Collective exhibition named „AKCE!(at)LX5ho­mebase“ took place from the 3rd till the 15th of November 2007.


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